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Herbalife Life Ionizer M11
Herbalife Life Ionizer M11 for sale

Life Ionizer M11

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LIFE Ionizer's M11 - Next Generation - The Most Powerful 11 Plate Ionizer in the World

All these new features combine to give the Life Ionizer Next Generation high-end performance at a great price! The Next Generation M-11 converts easily from counter top to under counter with LIFE’s optional brushed nickel faucet.

Sophisticated MAX Yield SMPS Power System™ and MAX Plates™ - New Larger Titanium/Platinum Plates in the new 2014 Next Generation M-11's means we can offer a Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor! Plus we run a Free water report and provide a Free customized pre-filter system! The under-counter unit includes a brush nickel faucet with the controls directly integrated into the faucet!

Key Features
  • MAX Plates™ - New Larger Titanium/Platinum Plates
  • MAX Cool - Super Cooling System™
  • MAX Yield SMPS Power System™ - generates up to 800 watts
  • Dual internal filters with custom pre-filter system
  • New Larger ultra efficient electrolysis chambers
  • Sleek, compact design
  • All Next Generation Ionizers are made with BPA Free tubing.

Additional Information

Life Next Generation M Series: Max SMPS Power System™, Max Cool - Super Cooling ™ Max Plates™ -The M = Maximum - More of everything you want in a water ionizer.

Key Features
  • Lifetime Warranty – on parts and labor
  • Comes with FREE water report analysis
  • Multi stage filter system with FREE pre-filter system
  • Easily converts to undercounter use with optional brushed nickel faucet kit
  • Compact sleek new design complements the look of your kitchen

The LIFE M-11 features our new Max Yield™ Power system. Max Yield™ Power means:

  • Stronger pH water  - adjusts up to -12.0 pH for powerful acid-neutralizing alkalinity
  • Adjusts up to -860 ORP for alkaline water with the higher antioxidant potential
  • Fully Adjustable - Get the pH you need and the highest antioxidant potential
  • Max Yield SMPS Power™ - 800 watts for optimized healthy water

Compared to Enagic’s Kangen® Machine SD 501 –

  • Triple the Power
  • More Plates & Plate Surface Area
  • Lifetime Warranty compared to Kangen’s 5 year warranty
  • Triple Filtration compared to Kangen’s single filter
  • Life M11 is $1300 less than Kangen
Extraordinary alkaline water starts with powerful filtration that filters the toxins that poison your body. LIFE Ionizers has the ultimate filtration system that is customized to address the toxins in your water, Here's how we do it:
  • Analyze your local water quality report
  • Discover the toxins that are in your water
  • Target those toxins with a custom-configured pre-filter system
  • Protect you from chlorine and chloramines with laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block® filter technology
LIFE Ionizers optional technologies that can make your water
  • UV Light - Guard against infection from bacteria, viruses, and cysts
  • Energy Frequency Technology -
  • MESH Plates - 10 - 15% stronger ionized water
  • Laser Energy Technology -

Exclusive LIFE Bonus feature
The LIFE M-11 C converts to undercounter use with our optional brushed nickel faucet kit.

The M-11's compact, sleek new design will complement the look of any kitchen. You will love the large, easy to read display, and the convenient top-mounted controls! 

The M-11's plates have a large surface area that optimizes the water for your health and energy. This means you get stronger alkaline water than you can get from any competing 11 plate models!

LIFE's Next Generation M-11 Crushes the Competition
The New 2014 LIFE Next Generation M-11 is the high-end ionizer that gives top-of-the-line performance, none of our competitors even comes close! Why wait for an underpowered ionizer that takes forever to fill your glass? Forget about systems like the Kangen Water® machine that need chemical additives to reach higher pH levels. The Next Generation M-11 has the MAX Yield power you need to deliver the antioxidant potential of alkaline water at the pH levels you want faster than other machines.

Enagic® and Kangen™ are registered trademarks of Enagic, Co., Ltd and is in no way affiliated with LIFE Ionizers. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

WQA (Water Quality Association) Gold Seal Certfiied


*based on adequate water pressure.


Special feature power icon Adjusts up to 800 Watts of power!
Special feature convertible ionizer icon Fully convertible: counter-top to under counter!
Available colors Black, Silver/Black
Cleaning function Advanced RADC Cleaning System
Optional Technology Upgrades Laser Light Energy Technology, MESH, EF Technology, UV Light Technology
Display Full Color LED Display w/ Automatic Voice Prompting
Filtration Dual Internal, Custom Pre-filter
Flow control Automatic
Installation Convertible - under counter to counter-top
Power consumption Super Coil - Adjusts up to 800 Watts
ORP Output up to -880 (Enhanced ORP at drinkable levels)
pH Output pH range from 2.0 up to 12.0
Protection Automatic Heat Sensor
Power System MAX Yield SMPS Power System™ - generates up to 800 watts
Rated Voltage 110v or 220v
Settings 1 Purified, 3 Acidic, 4 Alkaline
Warranty LIFEtime warranty
Dimensions 13 x 13 ¾ x 6

Warranty Information

LIFE Ionizers™ latest high technology systems are so well-built that the we confidently offer the M9 with a lifetime warranty of parts and labor. 

For optimum results keep your filters replaced to super-purify your healthy water and we cover your machine for Life!

Lifetime Warranty
Labor: Lifetime Warranty

LIFE Ionizers has the best warranties in the industry!


User Manual

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