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What is Alkaline Water?  

Life Ionizers Water Alkalizes Your Body!

Simply put, alkaline water is plain water that has gone through the process of electrolysis or ionization. (Alkaline water is sometimes referred to as ionized water.) During this process, the water is split into two streams alkaline water and acid water.

Why is alkalinity important? For optimal health, the cells in our body need to stay at their natural alkaline balance. However, our pH levels are often disrupted by dehydration, stress, and the acidic processed and refined foods we eat.

The water produced by Life Ionizers machines has a pH level of 8.5 - 11.5 which can help restore your body to a healthy alkaline state. It can counteract the acidic foods you eat and the effects of the harsh elements in your environment in order to help bring about the natural balance your body needs. Change your water and change your life!

During ionization, water is split into acid and an alkaline streams. In the case of a water ionizer, the alkaline stream is dispensed and the acid stream is discarded. (Or if you chose to dispense acid water, then the alkaline water is discarded.)

Watch this video on Alkaline Water.

Another important property of alkaline water is microclustering. Tap water tends to come in large clusters of 10 to 13 molecules. Ionization breaks up these clusters into smaller groups called microclusters. These tiny clusters permeate through cell walls faster, resulting in quicker hydration as well as easy solubility.  Alkaline water is not a chemical, nor does it have any added to it. Alkaline water is simply water with smaller molecules and a higher pH.